PHP and SQL Server Programming By Example

by Agus Kurniawan 24. March 2014 11:29
I have finished my new book “PHP and SQL Server Programming By Example”. This book provides alternative approach to build PHP application with Windows platform and database SQL Server.  It describes how to work with PHP and SQL Server and illustrates their use with code examples. The last chapter author explains how PHP to access Windows Azure SQL Database. Table of Content 1. Setup Development Environment 1.1 System Environment 1.2 Deploying PHP on IIS 1.3 SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.4 Database SQL Server 1.5 Development Tools 2. Hello World - PHP and SQL Server 2.1 Connecting to SQL Server 2.2 Creating PHP 2.3 Running 2.4 Windows Authentication 3. CRUD Operations 3.1 CRUD Operations 3.2 Creating Data 3.3 Reading Data 3.4 Update Data 3.5 Deleting Data 4. Working with Image and Blob Data 4.1 Image and Blob Data 4.2 Uploading Image 4.3 Listing Image Data 5. Transaction 5.1 PHP and SQL Server Transaction 5.2 Demo 6. Stored Procedures 6.1 Stored Procedures 6.2 Calling Stored Procedure 6.3 Calling Stored Procedure with Parameter 6.4 Calling Stored Procedure with Input and Output Parameters 7. Windows Azure SQL Database 7.1 Windows Azure SQL Database 7.2 Creating Windows Azure SQL Database 7.3 Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database 7.4 Inserting Data 7.5 Retrieving Data How to Buy You can buy this book on the following online stores: Lulu, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books,  iBookStore,  Kobo, 


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Getting Started with Arduino and Ruby

by Agus Kurniawan 15. March 2014 11:10
I finished my new book about Arduino programming using Ruby. Arduino can be access using any programming language. This book provides guideline how to work with Arduino and Ruby. It describes basic programming to access Arduino and illustrates to work with several scenario Arduino and electronic devices. Table of Content 1. Preparing Development Environment 1.1 Arduino 1.1.1 Arduino Uno 1.1.2 Arduino Leonardo 1.1.3 Arduino Mega 2560 1.1.4 Arduino Due 1.2 Electronic Components 1.2.1 Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.2 Fritzing 1.2.3 Cooking-Hacks: Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.4 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit 1.3 Ruby 1.4 Arduino Software 1.5 Testing 2. Hello World 2.1 Arduino World 2.1.1 Arduino Hardware Driver on Windows 8/8.1 2.1.2 Simple Testing 2.2 Arduino and Ruby 2.3 Testing Serial Port using Ruby 2.4 Testing for Arduino and Ruby 3. Exploring Ruby Arduino Firmata 3.1 Arduino Firmata 4. Button 4.1 Getting Data from Button 4.2 Ruby Implementation 4.3 Testing 5. Analog Sensor 5.1 Sensor Devices 5.2 Reading Sensor 5.3 Running Program 6. RGB LED 6.1 RGB LED 6.1.1 Arduino Analog output (PWM) 6.1.2 Controlling RGB LED Color 6.2 Arduino Implementation 6.3 Ruby Implementation 7. Servo Motor 7.1 Servo Motor 7.2 Hardware Implementation 7.3 Ruby Implementation   How to Buy You can buy this book on the following online book stores: Lulu, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Book,  Kobo,


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jQuery Programming by Example

by Agus Kurniawan 5. March 2014 11:59
jQuery helps you to write web application with writing less code. I have written a book about jQuery Programming by Example. This book guides you how to get started with jQuery and implement it in several problem cases. Table of Content 1. Preparing jQuery Development Environment 1.1 Installation 1.2 Development Tools 1.3 Web Server 1.4 Hello World 2. Handling HTML Elements 2.1 HTML Elements 2.2 Getting HTML Element Value 2.2.1 Textbox 2.2.2 Textarea 2.2.3 Dropdown - select Element 2.2.4 Date Input Element 2.2.5 Range Input Element 2.2.6 Radio Button Element 2.2.7 Checkbox Element 2.2.8 Executing Demo 2.3 Assigning Value to HTML Elements 2.3.1 Textbox 2.3.2 Textarea 2.3.3 Dropdown - select Element 2.3.4 Date Input Element 2.3.5 Range Input Element 2.3.6 Radio Button 2.3.7 Checkbox 2.3.8 Running Demo 3. Events 3.1 Document Event 3.2 HTML Element Events 3.2.1 on() and one() Events 3.2.2 Assigning Event for Div, Image and Hyperlink Elements 3.2.3 Passing Data on() Event 3.2.4 Removing Event off() 3.2.5 Triggering Event 3.3 Form Events 3.3.1 focus() Event 3.3.2 blur() Event 3.3.3 change() Event 3.3.4 submit() Event 3.4 Keyboard Events 3.5 Mouse Events 3.5.1 click() and dblclick() Events 3.5.2 hover() and mouseout() Events 3.5.3 mousedown(), mouseup(), mousemove() Events 3.5.4 mouseenter() and mouseleave() Events 4. jQuery Effect 4.1 Display and Hide HTML Element 4.2 Fading 4.3 Sliding 4.4 CSS 4.4.1 Change CSS Values 4.4.2 Adding and Removing CSS Class 5. DOM Manipulation 5.1 Manipulating Attributes 5.2 Creating New Element 5.3 Copying Element 5.4 Removing Element 5.5 Replacing Element 6. jQuery AJAX 6.1 Sending HTTP Get Request 6.2 Sending HTTP Post Request How to Buy You buy this book on the following online store: Lulu, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Book,  Kobo,  iBookStore,


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Tutorial Pemrograman Bahasa C

by Agus Kurniawan 5. March 2014 11:33
  Barusan saya membuat tutorial mengenai pemrograman bahasa C. Tutorial ini diharapkan anda dapat belajar mandiri dan mengerjakan contoh-contoh yang diberikan. Silakan dibaca tutorial disini: Disini anda dapat berkolaborasi untuk menambahkan tutorialnya. Cukup login ke github, lakukan fork dan pull request.


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Getting Started with Arduino and Python

by Agus Kurniawan 17. February 2014 04:13
Finding the power of Python on Arduino development. I wrote this book to help readers to learn how to develop Arduino application using Python. Exploring several Python libraries to access Arduino. Table of Content 1. Preparing Development Environment 1.1 Arduino 1.1.1 Arduino Uno 1.1.2 Arduino Leonardo 1.1.3 Arduino Mega 2560 1.1.4 Arduino Due 1.2 Electronic Components 1.2.1 Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.2 Fritzing 1.2.3 Cooking-Hacks: Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.4 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit 1.3 Python 1.4 Arduino Software 1.5 Testing 2. Hello World 2.1 Arduino World 2.1.1 Arduino Hardware Driver on Windows 8/8.1 2.1.2 Simple Testing 2.2 Arduino and Python 2.3 Testing Serial Port using Python 2.4 Testing for Arduino and Python 3. Exploring Python Libraries for Arduino 3.1 Python Arduino Prototyping API v2 3.2 Python Firmata 3.3 pyFirmata 4. Analog Sensor 4.1 Sensor Devices 4.2 Reading Sensor 4.3 Running Program 5. RGB LED 5.1 RGB LED 5.1.1 Arduino Analog output (PWM) 5.1.2 Controlling RGB LED Color 5.2 Arduino Implementation 5.3 Python Implementation How to Buy Lulu,  Amazon Kindle,  Google Play Book,   iBookStore,  Kobo,  Nook, 


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Raspberry Pi Command Line for Beginner

by Agus Kurniawan 9. February 2014 16:04
I finished a book, Raspberry Pi Command Line for Beginner. This book is a quick reference to learn command line on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS. The book provides many samples that you can easily follow. Table of Content 1. Raspberry Pi Shell 1.1 Getting Started 1.2 Open Raspberry Pi Shell 1.3 Checking Platform 1.4 Rebooting 1.5 Shutdown 1.6 Configuring Timezone 1.7 Configuring Keyboard 2. Manipulating Files and Directories 2.1 The Current Working Directory 2.2 Listing Files and Directories 2.3 Understanding ls Parameters 2.4 Changing The Current Working Directory 2.5 Creating a Directory 2.6 Removing File and Directory 2.7 Copying File and Directory 2.8 Moving File and Directory 2.9 Creating Symbolic Links 3. Raspberry Pi Software Repository 3.1 Updating Software Repository 3.2 Installing New Software and Library 3.3 Uninstall Software and Library 3.4 Maintenance 3.5 Searching Packages 4. Networking 4.1 Connecting to Network 4.1.1 LAN 4.1.2 WIFI 4.2 Display Hostname 4.3 Configuring IP Address 4.4 Static IP Address 4.5 Browsing Internet 4.6 SSH 4.7 Examining a Network 5. Redirection 5.1 Standard Output 5.2 Standard Input 5.3 Standard Error 5.4 Pipelines 6. General Commands 6.1 which 6.2 man 6.3 whatis 6.4 help 6.5 clear 6.6 echo 7. Permission 7.1 Understanding Permission 7.2 chmod 7.3 chown 8. Process 8.1 Viewing Processes 8.1.1 ps 8.1.2 top 8.2 Killing Process 8.3 Viewing Memory 9. Media Storage 9.1 Display Free Disk Space 9.2 mount 9.3 umount How to Buy You buy this book on the following stores. Lulu:  Amazon Kindle,  Kobo, Google Play Book,  NOOK,  iBookStore,


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Book:: TypeScript Programming by Example

by Agus Kurniawan 27. January 2014 12:22
I just finished my book writing about TypeScript programming. This language is new but it has a good vision and roadmap. This book helps you how to get started with TypeScript. It provides code examples to accelerate your learning. Table of Content 1. Introduction to TypeScript 1.1 Installation 1.2 Development Tools 1.3 Hello World 1.4 Hello TypeScript with Visual Studio 2. TypeScript Programming Language 2.1 Common Rule 2.2 Declaring Variable 2.3 Assigning Variables 2.4 Comment 2.5 Arithmetic Operations 2.6 Mathematical Functions 2.7 Comparison Operators 2.8 Logical Operators 2.9 Increment and Decrement 2.10 Decision 2.10.1 if..then 2.10.2 2.11 Iterations 2.11.1 For 2.11.2 While 3. TypeScript Collections and JSON 3.1 Array 3.1.1 Create Array Object 3.1.2 Insert Data 3.1.3 Access Data 3.1.4 Update Data 3.1.5 Remove Data 3.2 Array of Array 3.3 TypeScript JSON 3.3.1 Create JSON Object 3.3.2 Display Data 3.3.3 Access Data 3.3.4 Edit Data 3.4 JSON Array 3.4.1 Create JSON Array 3.4.2 Display Data 3.4.3 Access Data 3.4.4 Edit Data 3.5 Check JSON Attribute 4. Functions 4.1 Creating Function 4.2 Function with Returning Value 4.3 Function with Parameters and Returning Value 4.4 Optional Parameters 4.5 Arrow Function Expression 4.6 Anonymous Function 4.7 Overloading Function 4.8 Callback Function 5. Classes, Interfaces, and Enums 5.1 Classes 5.1.1 Constructor 5.1.2 Properties/Fields 5.1.3 Methods 5.1.4 Inheritance 5.2 Interfaces 5.2.1 Implementation Interface on Class 5.2.2 Interface as Object 5.2.3 Interface as Indexable Object 5.3 Enums 6. String Operations 6.1 Concatenating Strings 6.2 String To Numeric 6.3 Numeric to String 6.4 String Parser 6.5 Check String Data Length 6.6 Copy Data 6.7 Upper and Lower Case Characters 6.8 Getting String Index 6.9 Exploring Characters 7. Error Handling 8. TypeScript and HTML Interaction 8.1 Hello HTML TypeScript 8.2 Working with HTML Input 8.3 TypeScript and jQuery 9. TypeScript and Node.js Interaction 9.1 Getting Started TypeScript and Node.js 9.2 Building Simple HTTP Server 9.3 Working with External Node.js Module - MongoDB 10. Modules 10.1 Internal Modules 10.2 Extended Internal Module   How to Buy You can obtain this book on the following channels. Lulu, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, iBookStore, in progress, Kobo, in progress , NOOK, in progress


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Hijaubuku:: Portal e-book IT Bahasa Indonesia

by Agus Kurniawan 9. January 2014 12:13
Apakah anda sedang mencari buku tentang IT dalam bahasa Indonesia dengan harga murah dalam format elektronik (e-book)? saya telah memikirkan ini dan membuat portal yaitu . Portal ini menyediakan buku-buku yang berhubungan dengan IT. Bagi penulis, anda juga dapat berpartisipasi untuk menulis buku di hijau buku. Saya tunggu partisipasinya.


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Buku:: Pemrograman Java Tingkat Lanjut

by Agus Kurniawan 4. January 2014 12:16
Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya telah mengirim naskah final buku “Pemrograman Java Tingkat Lanjut” ke penerbit Andi. Buku ini dibuat guna membantu para pembaca bagaimana kelanjutan setelah menguasai bahasa pemrograman Java. Kapan buku ini tersedia di toko buku? semoga beberapa bulan kedepan sudah dapat tersedia di toko buku. Saya akan menginformasikan melalui Facebook, Twitter dan Blog ini. Daftar Isi Berikut ini daftar isi dari buku “Pemrograman Java tingkat Lanjut” Kata Pengantar Daftar Isi Bab 1. Collection     1.1 Apa Itu Collection?     1.2 Mengenal dan Menggunakan Objek Collection         1.2.1 List         1.2.2 Set         1.2.3 Map         1.2.4 Queue            1.2.5 Stack Bab 2. Pemrograman Generic     2.1 Apa Itu Pemrograman Generic?     2.2 Kelas Generic     2.3 Method Generic     2.4 Operator Diamond     2.5 Membatasi Parameter Tipe Generic         2.5.1 Unbounded Wildcard         2.5.2 Upper Bounded Wildcard            2.5.3 Lower Bounded Wildcard     2.6 Tipe Erasure Bab 3. Graphical User Interface     3.1 Mengenal Graphical User Interface         3.1.1 Swing atau AWT?         3.1.2 Frame            3.1.3 Hello GUI Java     3.2 Menangani Input GUI     3.3 Manajemen Layout         3.3.1 Border Layout         3.3.2 Grid Layout         3.3.3 Box Layout         3.3.4 Eksekusi Aplikasi     3.4 Membuat GUI Melalui IDE     3.5 Input Pilihan         3.5.1 Combo box         3.5.2 Check box         3.5.3 Radio button         3.5.4 Demo     3.6 Menu     3.7 Common Dialog     3.8 Mengenal JavaFX Bab 4. Multithreading     4.1 Apa Itu Thread?     4.2 Membuat Thread Sederhana     4.3 Mengenal Objek Thread         4.3.1 Konstruksi Thread         4.3.2 Menjalankan Thread         4.3.3 Menghentikan Thread         4.3.4 Informasi Thread     4.4 Thread Dengan Executor Framework     4.5 Mengenal Objek Timer     4.6 Sinkronisasi Thread         4.3.1 Teknik Sinkronisasi Thread         4.3.2 Contoh Sinkronisasi Thread Bab 5. Serialization     5.1 Apakah Itu Serialization?     5.2 Serialization Objek     5.3 Deserialization Objek     5.4 Demo Serialization            5.4.1 Serialization         5.4.2 Deserialization Bab 6. Internet dan Jaringan     6.1 Konsep Internet dan Jaringan         6.1.1 Arsitektur Jaringan Model OSI         6.1.2 Topologi LAN         6.1.3 Arsitektur Internet Protocol (IP)         6.1.4 IP Address        Kelas Address    Subnet Mask         6.1.5 Penamaan Host     6.2 Apa Itu Socket?     6.3 Socket Pada Windows         6.3.1 Arsitektur Winsock 2.0         6.3.2 Windows Socket dan Model OSI     6.4 Socket Pada Linux     6.5 Implementasi Socket Dengan Java         6.5.1 Aplikasi Server         6.5.2 Aplikasi Client         6.5.3 Testing     6.6 Mengenal Potokol Connectionless-Oriented     6.7 Implementasi Protokol Connectionless-Oriented Pada Java         6.7.1 Konstruksi DatagramSocket         6.7.2 Melakukan Koneksi         6.7.3 Menerima Data Packet         6.7.4 Mengirim Data Packet     6.8 Studi Kasus Client Server UDP         6.8.1 Server UDP         6.8.2 Client UDP         6.8.3 Eksekusi Aplikasi     6.9 Mengenal Protokol HTTP         6.9.1 Prinsip Kerja         6.9.2 Metode Akses HTPP Request     6.10 Praktikum: Akses Protokol HTTP Dengan Telnet         6.10.1 Telnet Pada OS Windows         6.10.2 Telnet Pada OS Linux     6.11 Solusi Untuk Mengakses Protokol HTTP Dengan Java     6.12 Socket HTTP Bab 7. Relational Database dan NoSQL     7.1 Mengenal Relational Database     7.2 NoSQL     7.3 MySQL and Java     7.4 Manipulasi Data Pada Database MySQL         7.4.1 Koneksi Ke MySQL         7.4.2 Menambahkan Data         7.4.3 Menampilkan Data         7.4.4 Mengedit Data         7.4.5 Menghapus Data     7.5 MongoDB dan Java         7.5.1 Instalasi MongoDB Pada Windows         7.5.2 Instalasi MongoDB Pada Linux     7.6 Manipulasi Data Pada Database MongoDB         7.6.1 Koneksi Ke MongoDB         7.6.2 Menambahkan Data         7.6.3 Menampilkan Data         7.6.4 Mengedit Data         7.6.5 Menghapus Data Bab 8. XML     8.1 XML dan Java     8.2 DOM XML Parse         8.2.1 Membaca File XML         8.2.2 Membuat File XML     8.3 SAX XML Parser         8.3.1 Membaca File XML Bab 9. Multimedia     9.1 Java dan Multimedia     9.2 Memainkan Audio dan Musik         9.2.1 Audio WAV         9.2.2 Musik MP3     9.3 Memainkan Video Bab 10. Java Applet     10.1 Apakah Itu Java Applet?     10.2 Hello World – Java Applet         10.2.1 Membuat Aplikasi Java Applet         10.2.2 Menjalankan Aplikasi Applet         10.2.3 Menjalankan Java Applet Pada HTML     10.3 Animasi Pada Java Applet Bab 11. Internationalisasi     11.1 Internasionalisasi     11.2 Hello Java Internasionalisasi     11.3 ResourceBundle     11.4 Demo Java Swing dengan Multi Bahasa         11.4.1 Membuat Tampilan GUI         11.4.2 Membuat Resource Multi Bahasa         11.4.3 Menyambung GUI dan Resource Bahasa         11.4.4 Testing Bab 12. Cryptography     12.1 Message Digest         12.1.1 Hashing MD5         12.1.2 Hashing SHA     12.2 Java Cryptography         12.2.1 Symmetric Cryptography         12.2.2 Asymmetric Cryptography Bab 13. Pemrograman Serial Communication     13.1 Serial Communication     13.2 Java Library Untuk Serial Communication     13.3 Demo Pemrograman Serial Communication         13.3.1 Instalasi Program Arduino         13.3.2 Konfigurasi Hardware         13.3.3 Membuat Program Arduino         13.3.4 Membuat Program Java 1         13.3.5 Membuat Program Java 2 Daftar Pustaka Tentang Penulis


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MSP430 LaunchPad Programming

by Agus Kurniawan 27. December 2013 14:37
I finished my new book MSP430 LaunchPad Programming. This book helps you how to get started with MSP430 LaunchPad. I used Energia to write program for MSP430 LaunchPad.   Table of Content 1. Preparing Development Environment 1.1 MSP430 LaunchPad 1.2 Electronic Components 1.2.1 Fritzing 1.2.2 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit 1.2.3 Educational BoosterPack 1.4 Development Tool 1.5 Testing 2. Hello World 2.1 MSP430 LaunchPad Hardware Driver 2.1.1 Windows 8 and 8.1 2.1.2 Linux 2.2 Simple Testing 2.3 Energia Basic Programming Language 3. LED Controller 3.1 Basic LED Programming 3.2 Digital Output 4. Push Your Button 4.1 Getting Data from Button 4.2 Connecting An External Button to MSP430 LaunchPad 5. Serial Communication 5.1 Serial Monitor 5.2 Button and Serial Port 5.2 Reading Data from Serial Port 6. Reading Sensor Devices 6.1 Sensor Devices 6.2 Reading Sensor 7. Analog PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) 7.1 Analog PWM 7.2 Controlling Color on RGB LED 7.3 Writing Program 7.4 Executing Program   How to Buy Amazon Kindle,  Google Play Books,  Kobo,  Lulu,   iBookStore,  Nook,


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