The Hands-on Arduino Yún Manual Lab

by Agus Kurniawan 9. March 2015 07:18


I just release my new book “The Hands-on Arduino Yún Manual Lab” . Arduino Yún is the first member of a new groundbreaking line of WiFi products combining the power Linux with ease of use of Arduino. This book helps you to get started with Arduino Yún. Several code samples are be provided to illustrate problem-solution.


Table of Content

1. Preparing Development Environment
1.1 Arduino Yún
1.2 Electronic Components
1.2.1 Arduino Starter Kit
1.2.2 Fritzing
1.2.3 Cooking-Hacks: Arduino Starter Kit
1.2.4 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit
1.3 Arduino Software
1.4 Unboxing
2. Basic Operations
2.1 Getting Started
2.2 Connecting to Arduino Yún
2.3 Updating Arduino Yún Firmware
2.3.1 Preparation
2.3.2 Updating The Board Firmware
2.4 Connecting to Existing Wifi
2.5 Reseting Wifi Settings
2.6 Connecting Arduino IDE Sketch to Arduino Yún
2.6.1 Serial Port
2.6.2 Remote via Wifi
2.7 Hello World: Blinking LED
2.7.1 Wiring
2.7.2 Writing Blinking LED Program
2.7.3 Deploying and Testing via Serial Port
2.7.4 Deploying and Testing via Remote Wifi
2.7.5 Deploying Program via Web Panel
2.8 SSH
2.9 Restart and Shutdown
3. Arduino Yún Sketch Programming
3.1 Getting Started
3.2 Digital I/O
3.2.1 Wiring
3.2.2 Writing Program
3.2.3 Testing
3.3 Serial Communication
3.4 Analog I/O
3.4.1 Potentiometer Wiring Writing Program Testing
3.4.2 RGB LED Wiring Writing Program Testing
3.5 SPI
3.6 I2C
4. Arduino Yún Linux Programming
4.1 Getting Started
4.2 YÚN Package Manager
4.3 SFTP
4.4 Python
4.5 Bridge Library and Python
4.6 Bridge
5. Servo Motor
5.1 Servo Motor
5.2 Hardware Implementation
5.3 Arduino Sketch Implementation
5.4 Testing
6. Using REST with Arduino Yún
6.1 Getting Started
6.2 Deploy Bridge Library
6.3 Testing Digital I/O
6.4 Testing Analog I/O
7. Logic Debugging
7.1 Logic Debugging
7.2 Analyzing Digital Output
7.3 Analyzing Analog Output


How to Buy

You can get this book on the following online store.


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